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Search our web database of 5000+ whisky bottles easy and fast. Available 24/7 on all your devices.


Quotes, charts and other details about each bottle we keep an eye on, gathered in one place.


Build your portfolio and track its performance as we update the data after each auction.


Why Whisky Quotes

Every investor needs an accurate and timely information about their investment. It is even more true for whisky investors and collectors when the information is spread across many online auctions and auction hauses. Whisky Quotes will give you instant answers to questions that would otherwise require extensive research.

  • Data from major online auctions
  • 5000+ collectible bottles
  • Updates after each auction
  • Unlimited queries
  • Detailed information
  • Team open to your suggestions

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Functional Dashboard

Instant information about your portfolio, upcoming auctions and recent developments.

Easy Search

Quick and easy search with multiple available filters.

Detailed Information

Details about each bottle that will allow you to compare your investment prospects and make an informed decision.

Readable Charts

Easy to read and interpret charts that will give you invaluable insight into the bottle's history.

Portfolio Tracking

Build your portfolio of bottles and its current value will be updated after each auction.


Different auctions use different currencies. We make the calculations for you.